Twenty years ago In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) consisted of a CD player and a radio. How pleased we were with that. 

Since those days, many things have changed. Rapid evolution in consumer electronics has already introduced us touch screen controlled navigation systems, hands-free mobile phone integration and state-of-the-art connectivity to access our personal content from our mobile devices. But we still want more.

We expect constantly and seamlessly upgraded, similar user-experiences in all aspects of our daily lives. We have a certain level of expectations we have grown used to through smartphones, tablets and other similar devices, and we want nothing less from our car infotainment systems: high-end usability, great variety in features, personalization, and low learning curve are the minimum standards we expect.

Reaktor Fusion is a program focusing on the creation of next generation user experiences for In Vehicle Infotainment. Reaktor Fusion Program offers such products and support services that meet the needs of today’s demanding user in terms of usability, innovative user experience, seamless mobile device integration and secure connection between IVI and instrument clusters.


In-Vehicle infotainment system (IVI) delivers navigation, entertainment and networked computing services in vehicles. The Platform is based on industry standard, fully Open Source automotive grade Linux. It includes systems integration, customization, support 
and maintenance,

and open source community collaboration provided by Reaktor. The Platform is designed to enable state-of-the-art, personalized, rich Internet and multimedia consumer experiences for vehicles.

Users have their contacts, digital identities, media, and online service credentials stored in their smartphones and tablets. These devices offer on-line connectivity and the users are accustomed to using media, accessing contacts, and using on-line services anywhere, anytime. Fusion MobileLink offers a seamless connectivity between a smartphone and the car infotainment system,

integrating smartphone interface and applications in automotive IVI. The main benefits are that the mobile device can be updated independently of the vehicle’s IVI system and the UI integration is always customized. With Fusion MobileLink there is no need to synchronize user data to the IVI system.

The users have learned to rely on the integrated features of their car and expect them to work as reliably as the underlying vehicle. FusionLink is a Server/Client protocol reinforcing a perfect blend of technology integration and

innovative user experience in In-Vehicle Infotainment System. FusionLink offers seamless communication and In-Vehicle Infotainment system synchronization between all screens inside the car.

Connecting vehicles to external data systems is a powerful trend. All auto manufacturers want to offer a smooth, holistic user experience: Something that benefits and delights users from the added technology, easily and safely. When connecting the vehicle to external Internet services,

one of the main considerations is how to provide the connectivity in a user-friendly and cost-effective way. FusionCloud enables the storing and using of cloud data in In-Vehicle Infotainment system services.


  • Product integration & adaptation to customer products
  • Product training & support
  • Product customization to customer design
  • Concept development consultation
  • System Architecture design consultation
  • Product maintenance for customer shipped customized variants


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